High-Availability For OEM’s

RSF-1 has been licensed by a number of third party vendors and incorporated into their own products and services, often embedded in turnkey appliances. RSF-1’s advanced API feature set together with High-Availability’s expertise allows easy integration to a wide range of mission-critical applications to bring enterprise-grade high availability features to your application or turnkey solution.

High-Availability provide a range of RSF-1 application cluster and failover agents to facilitate the monitoring and failover of a wide variety of system components, infrastructure and applications.

The RSF-1 application monitoring agent framework allows for applications health to be constantly monitored and in the event of an alert, can attempt to restart the application locally or failover the service to another server as required.

Working with High-Availability

High-Availability.com has a long history of technology collaboration with other vendors and has successfully integrated and embedded RSF-1 with many third-party applications as an OEM / white-label technology partner to bring Enterprise-grade High Availability services to our partners solutions. Our dedicated technical team works closely with our partners’ counterparts to deliver and support High Availability solutions.

To see how RSF-1 can bring advanced High Availability features to your solution, please contact us and we will be happy to connect you with our technical consulting team to discuss solution viability, evaluation, collaboration and integration.