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9.3 - Creating Services and Adding Volumes

Click the Volumes tab on the left-hand column to go to the Cluster Volume Operations page, and select a volume to cluster from the pull down list as shown:
In this example, we are going to configure a service for POOLA

Once selected, complete the fields for IPV4 Failover hostname and click Confirm. In the following example, a second service, POOLB, is configured with the associated VIP support-staff-public.

In this example, we also want to add a second pool, POOLC, to the POOLA service. Select the Advanced Operations tab on the left column to access the Advanced Operations page, and then click on the Add/Remove Volumes tab. You can now drag-and-drop the additional pool, POOLC, on to the service meaning that both POOLA and POOLC are associated with the same RSF-1 service and will move together through the cluster.

Click Confirm to complete this configuration.

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