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3.2 - Installing the RSF-1 Package

Copy the downloaded package (actual package name will vary with future releases) onto both servers and, as root, install as follows:
# pkgadd -d rsf-1-solaris-5.11-x86.
Once the pkgadd has completed, the product will be installed in the directory hierarchy /opt/HAC and /opt/HAC/RSF-1, and the final output line from the pkgadd command will advise how to connect to the GUI:

install_http_server: generating HTML for HTTP server (standalone) Server is running
Server is running
install_http_server: RSF-1 GUI now available on http://romulus:8020/
Installation of <rsf-1> was successful. #

You can now choose to complete the installation and configuration using the Graphical User Interface (GUI), described in section 9, or the Command Line Interface (CLI) following here.
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