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- Verifying and Installing the RSF-1 Configuration File

This text file is located in /opt/HAC/RSF-1/etc/config and can be modified with an editor of your choice.

NOTE - The config file must be identical on all members of the cluster, and check summing is used to ensure this is the case. If they are different, in any way, including white space, RSF-1 will start but service startups will be explicitly disabled.
The recommended method of amending and testing RSF-1 configuration files is to take a copy of the existing file, make the changes and then test before installing.
NOTE - It is only necessary to create and edit the config file on one node and then use the RSF-1 config_dist distribution tool to install and update all other cluster nodes.
At this point, you may want to add /opt/HAC/RSF-1/bin to your PATH.
romulus# cp /opt/HAC/RSF-1/etc/config /tmp/config.test
romulus# vi /tmp/config.test
romulus# /opt/HAC/RSF-1/bin/rsfmon –c /tmp/config.test
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:13] ----------------- RSF-1 starting -----------------
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:13] RSF-1 monitor 3.9.8 p4 started on Thu Oct 2 16:17:13 2014
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:13] Compiled on 01 Oct 2014 10:41 for 19:solaris-x86
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:13] Copyright High-Availability.Com Ltd
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:14] Using machine ID 0x42029b314
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:14] Configuration file parsed OK, CRC is 0x692c
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:14] INFO: This copy of RSF-1 expires on 2014-12-22
[28609 Oct 2 16:17:14] INFO: This copy of RSF-1 is licenced for automatic service startup
Once the verification process above has succeeded, the new config file can be distributed and installed on all nodes in the cluster as follows:
romlus# /opt/HAC/RSF-1/bin/config_dist /tmp/config.test romulus remus
Oct 2 16:22:42 romulus RSF-1[25130]: [ID 702911 local0.alert] RSF-1 cold restart: All services stopped.
NOTE – The config_dist command sets the state of any newly added services described in the config file to auto on all nodes. Alternatively, if rsfmon is started manually without config_dist, newly added services are set to manual mode.
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