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1 - What is RSF-1 for ZFS?

RSF-1 for ZFS is an Enterprise proven High Availability Cluster product that manages the availability of critical ZFS storage pools.

Each RSF-1 Service contains one or more ZFS storage pools with associated file and block services. An RSF-1 ZFS Cluster consists of two or more servers that have any number of RSF-1 Services (pools) configured. RSF-1 provides high availability of ZFS pools by managing the start-up and failover of RSF-1 Services within an RSF-1 Cluster.

A typical Active/Active 2-node RSF-1 Cluster configuration consists of two RSF-1 Services, each of which have an independent ZFS Pool and a single associated VIP. Under normal operation, each node is responsible for providing services to one ZFS pool, and in the event of either node failing, the surviving node will run both.

When the failed node has been repaired and restarted, it will rejoin the cluster and the administrator can control when the ZFS pools are redistributed. To provide optimum uptime, RSF-1 does not automatically failback RSF-1 Services.
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